It is the policy of Big Johnson Construction to provide our employees and customer a safe and healthful work environment. We believe that our employees are our most valued asset and that the preservation of safety and health is of the utmost importance.

The prevention of accidents and injuries takes precedence over all else within the construction process including expedience. In the conduct of our business, we at Big Johnson Construction make every attempt to prevent accidents from occurring and our dedication to this principle is evident by our full-time safety manager and staff. Big Johnson Construction requires that its employees, as a condition of employment, comply with all state and federally mandated safety regulations in conjunction with the safety regulations as listed in the company’s specific safety manual and any site specific requirements set forth by customer or owner.

We believe that most accidents and injuries are preventable and it should be clear that the responsibility for safety lies with all levels of employees and customers of Big Johnson Construction. We all need to work together to accomplish our goal of zero injuries while maintaining proficient and professional work levels. Safety and rules are to be followed at all times and all hazardous conditions are required to be immediately reported to management.

Please contact us for more information on our dedication to safety or to receive a copy of the most recent version of our safety manual.