Erection Only: Founded as a pre-engineered erection company, Big Johnson Construction is committed to the continuing development of the niche that helped make the company what it is today. As a member of the Metal Building Contract Erectors Association, Big Johnson Construction has established itself as an industry leader. Whether you have a basic box building or a complex commercial project, Big Johnson Construction has a crew capable and ready to tackle the task given no matter the building manufacturer or where in the country you might want it constructed.

Materials-in-Place: Dedicated to providing the most professional and complete construction experience to our customers, Big Johnson Construction recognized the need to expand beyond offering just our erection services. As erectors, we experience the difficulties our customers face first hand when purchasing a pre-engineered structure. From missing crucial detail options to simply not understanding the full procurement process, it was quickly realized that with our extensive field experience we could provide an invaluable service to our customers by assisting with a project’s design and supplying complete materials-in-place package all under one contract.

A philosophy that to this day has proven time and again to reduce design errors, cut costs overages and provide a completed product safely and on time.

In developing our product sales division, Big Johnson Construction has established many sound relationships with the industries top manufacturers and component suppliers. Through these relationships we can typically offer better than average pricing due to our repetitive purchase history and knowledgeable sales staff. We are also able to ensure that costly procurement errors are minimized thru through a comprehensive pre-construction process, ultimately shortening an overall project’s duration and cost.

Crane Installation: Along with expanding our product offerings, Big Johnson Construction also offers certified crane installation services throughout the continental U.S. Installation includes retro-fitting any of the various crane types available into an existing structure or installing any of them into a new structure, regardless of construction medium. Whether it is a large bridge crane, jib crane or gantry crane. Big Johnson Construction can get it installed correctly and safely.